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Following on from the success of COPHy Global 2021 & 2022 Virtual congresses, it gives us great pleasure to announce that for COPHy 2023 we will once again revert to our long awaited face-to-face meeting. The 14th Annual Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology: (COPHy) taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, March 24-25, 2023.

The great success of the previous COPHy Congresses, held across Europe in Prague, Barcelona, Istanbul, Budapest, Lisbon, Sorrento, Warsaw, Madrid, Athens and Dublin as well as the enthusiastic feedback received from the most recent virtual congresses, confirmed the need for proceeding with the 14th edition of this dynamic Congresses.

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Comtec  VOD is a platform for  both virtual and hybrid conferences delivering content in which experts speak on today’s hot topics and tomorrow’s trends.

Our mission is to change the approach to medical education and create a powerful social impact by making knowledge accessible for free and putting learning at your fingertips.

Hear from world-renowned experts  on the latest developments in the field, gain valuable insight from top-class  panel discussions,  biotech talks and deep dive sessions.
COPHy VOD is an innovative platform awarding  CME accreditation to participants.

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